Tiger Fresh as a brand began with the creation of Tiger Mist.  The success of Tiger Mist spurred us on to develop a whole suite of non-toxic home care products that all revolve around the refreshing aroma and antimicrobial properties of the original Tiger Mist.  Tiger Mist, the premiere Tiger Fresh product, was created in Brooklyn, NY by brand-founder Angelica Ferguson, PhD, an Ivy League-trained biochemist.  Angelica's second passion after science is Muay Thai boxing, the national sport of Thailand.  Training Muay Thai involves the use of various boxing equipment including gloves, pads and hand-wraps, along with copious amounts of perspiration.  Angelica stored all her gear in a locker at the gym and noticed that the gear, and the locker housing it all, became stinky over time.  Desiring a non-toxic and effective alternative to commercial chemical-based deodorizers used by some of her training partners, Angelica developed Tiger Mist, a product with fierce deodorizing powers that is gentle on the environment.  In contrast to the odor molecule-trapping mechanism of the most popular commercial deodorizing products, Tiger Mist works by actually eliminating the odor-causing microbes at the source and preventing future growth via its natural antiseptic properties.  We use Tiger Mist on carpets, drapes, pet beds and almost anything that accumulates odors and is difficult to launder.